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You can find here a wide range of exquisite services by Ulrich Bold for improving the quality and awareness of your life.


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      new video for 2nd birthday of Food4Kenya

 www.Food4Kenya.org  turns YOUR DONATION into FOOD for the HUNGRY families during corona.  Hunger is cruel and inhumane in a modern, well-connected world we have. Thus together we can help and ensure that no one shall die of starvation. Please, help us to help. It is so easy. Your help helps directly and quickly.

On our YouTube Channel, Food4Kenya,  we post video clips of our food packing and food distribution, for you to witness that YOUR HELP HELPS. 

I guarantee with my name and my reputation that every donated Dollar or Euro will turn to Food within a few days and be distributed by my reliable team in Kenya, our 'Angels without Wings' to help the hungry families and orphan children during the corona crisis.


Our goal is to offer you support in your career and business, as well in any personal matters you may have regarding your family, health or finances. Whether through individual consultation to deepen your understanding about yourself, by effective workshops that will free your life of obstacles and reward you with new vitality, or with home study programs that will expand your metaphysical and personal horizons, we are here to assist you in reaching your goals in life.

My team of professional, warmhearted, experienced and competent organizers and I are looking forward to working with you. Dedicated to healing and offering new perspectives, we offer innovative and effective ways to help you find new orientations. Please click on the 'Event - Calendar' button for information on all of my upcoming workshops facilitated throughout Germany, Turkey and North America.

Ulrich Bold's over 20 years of professional coaching, consulting, tutoring and facilitating numerous workshops in Europe and the United States have made his work a well known address of high quality and effective life improvement.

His workshops of Constellation Healing Work and Business Constellation are one of the most profound ways to effectively see, release and heal unresolved dynamics and to embrace new perspectives in your personal or professional life. Evolutionary Astrology with Ulrich Bold, one of the most experienced Evolutionary Astrologers worldwide, reveals amazing insights of the soul's core dynamics and intentions for the current life.

His experience in over 24,000 consultations revealing the personal agendas of one's soul for this incarnation and how to bring one's life in alignment with the soul's journey peacefully.

Ulrich offers also personal Divine Healing Hands and Tao Calligraphy session from afar, releasing blockages in one's soul, heart, mind and body to reinstall a sound, healthy life.

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